Booking FAQ's

When does Jam Cruise go on sale?

Jam Cruise will go on sale to the general public at 12:00 Noon ET on May 30, 2013 if any inventory remains after the pre-booking period.

Where can I place my reservation?

You can place your reservation online at If you prefer to place your reservation over the phone, please call the Cloud 9 Adventure's Travel Department at 561-368-8922

What if I am traveling alone?

Take part in our Cruisin' Solo program! You can confirm your spot and only commit to a single space in a cabin. In the Cruisin' Solo Program you will be randomly matched up with other cruisers based strictly on gender. Cruisn' Solo spaces may not be purchased online! You must contact us to confirm a spot. You will only be responsible for the per person rate for the cabin (plus the fees). Email with the subject line, Cruisin' Solo or call us at 561-368-8922 to confirm today! If you'd like to travel solo without anyone else in your cabin, you're certainly welcome to do so. MSC does not offer single occupancy cabins, so you would need to purchase a double occupancy cabin. You are still responsible for the entire cost of the double occupancy cabin-including all fees.

What type of payments are accepted?

Cloud 9 Adventures accepts major credit: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Checks and money orders are also acceptable forms of payment; please make them out to Cloud 9 Adventures and send them to 405 SE Mizner Blvd Ste 68, Boca Raton, FL 33432

What is a Pre-Book Token?

A pre-book "token" is simply the unique code that you will use to access the booking pages. The token will go live at a specific time based on the priority of your pre-book that will allow you to access the booking pages and choose any of the available inventory. If you have pre-booked multiple times, you will receive one token for each pre-book, as each cabin must be booked separately. Only one cabin can be booked per token and tokens are non-transferable. Any reservation placed where the "Lead Passenger" (the person that placed the reservation) is not the Token holder will be cancelled.

What if I didn't pre-book? When can I place my reservation?

If you did not pre-book your cabin, you will need to wait to place your reservation when the event goes on sale to the public on May 30, 2013

What information will I need to place my reservation?

Before placing your reservation, make sure you have all of the following information for all of your guests: Full LEGAL name (no nicknames), Date of Birth, Address, Citizenship, Phone Number and E-mail Address. You will be asked to provide an emergency contact person (one per cabin). Each passenger will also be asked which artist brought them to the event. You will be given a choice of all individual artists or "the event itself." Please have an answer prepared for all of your passengers. If you are unsure of who your passengers will be at the time of booking, you can create a placeholder on the reservation site and fill in their information at a later time. Complimentary name and placeholder changes will be accepted until July 30 2013. Name changes are subject to increased fees closer to the event. All name additions and changes made after July 31, 2013 will be subject to the name change fee of $75 per person. Beginning October 9, all name changes will be $125 per person. NO NAME CHANGES CAN BE MADE AFTER DECEMBER 4, 2013. If you are paying with multiple credit cards, you will need all of the credit card numbers (with expiration date and card verification number) as well as the billing addresses for each card.