Piano Sets

The Piano Sets have formed an annual tapestry for intimate live solo performances on Jam Cruise. Hosted by incredible keyboardists, these sets are cherished by artists and passengers alike. Artists have shared personal reflections on their material, played their favorite covers and performed songs rarely heard. 

Jam Cruise 12 Atrium Piano Hosts:

  • Joel Cummins - A set of Umphrey's McGee music on a white grand piano with thousands of shiny crystals embedded in the spiral staircases of 3 decks? YES PLEASE!
  • Kelly Finnigan - The soul dripping vocals of Monophonics organist will send shivers straight up your back and resonate pure bliss throughout the atrium.
  • Peter Levin - Jam band veteran and Blind Boys organist will go out on his own to inspire you on a level you've never seen.
  • Aron Magner with Tom Hamilton - This is a dynamic acoustic duo that you may not think of in this light. But yet, it's happened before. And it's a lovely pairing. Prepare to enjoy.
  • Ivan Neville - The most beautiful atrium set year after year from a guy who appears to have a tough shell but is simply a mush with unparalleled elegance.