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Glide Magazine: Hidden Track

Jam Cruise Journal: A Funky First Night
Jam Cruise Journal: An All-You-Can-Hear Buffet of Music
Jam Cruise Journal: This Ain't Your Typical Wednesday
Jam Cruise Journal: Cirque Du Funk



Live For Live Music


Jam Cruise 11: A Fantasy At Sea

Jam Cruise 10 Press & Reviews




Rolling Stone

John Oates Jams on Hall & Oates, Sly Stone Cuts on Jam Cruise
Grateful Dead Drummer: Jerry Garcia 'Wasn't Really Happy Playing' at Band's End 




Relix /

Jam Cruise Day One: Bruce Hornsby's New Orleans Revue, Bonus Lettuce, Denson & Oates and More
Jam Cruise Day 2: Umphrey's and John Oates, George Porter, The New Deal, Surprise Me Mr. Davis and More
Jam Cruise Day 3: 7 Walkers and Kimock, Soulive, Omega Moos, Perpetual Groove and More
Jam Cruise Day 4: The New Deal's Final Show, Toots & the Maytals, Karl Denson with Anders Osborne and More 
Jam Cruise Day 5: Galactic, Everyone Orchestra, Marco Benevento, New Mastersounds, Toubab Krewe and More



Hidden Track / Glide Magazine - Jam Cruise Journal

Jam Cruise Journal: Day 1
Jam Cruise Journal: Day Two - At Sea
Jam Cruise Journal: A Transcendent Day
Jam Cruise Journal: All Night Long (All Night)
Jam Cruise 10 Photos: The People
Jam Cruise 10 Photos: The Musicians

Jambase - Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles

Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles: Day One 
Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles: Day Two
Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles: Day Three
Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles: Day Four
Jam Cruise 10 Chronicles: Day Five

Jam Cruise 9 Press & Reviews



Ice Cream Man's review: Jam Cruise 9 

It Just Keeps Getting Better



JamBase review by Dennis Cook

Jam Cruise 9 Review




Relix & day-by-day review by Mike Greenhaus

Day 1: Weir, Wesley & Skerik join KDTU Poolside

Day 1: Bob Weir, Robert Randolph, Karl Denson and Friends

Day 2: Solo Songs & Magic Tricks

Day 2: Bob Weir's Two Busy Days of Jam Cruise

Day 3: Positive Legacy, Panic Pals & George's Dream

Day 4: Sunrise with Brock

Day 5: Maceo's Super Jam, a Mini Meters Reunion




Glide Magazine's & Hidden Track's "Jam Cruise Journal" by Scott Bernstein

 All Aboard

Knee Deep In It

Letter to 16-year-old Scotty B

Nourished Soul

Day 4 - Part 1

Day 4 - Part 2

My Jam Cruise Debut

Jam Cruise 9 Videos

DJ and Hidden Track staff member Wade "Wyllys" Wilby opens his heart to Jam Cruise on Hidden Track


Glide Magazine's & Hidden Track's

"Jam Cruise Files" review by Benjy Eisen

Maceo Parker Brings Out All Stars – and an American Idol – for Jam Cruise 'Super Jam'

God Street Wine Reunite on Jam Cruise With Help From the Grateful Dead

Jimi Hendrix Tribute Feat. 'Cats' From G. Dead, DMB, P-Funk on Jam Cruise




Dispatch from Jam Cruise: New Orleans Musicians Speak Frankly About The State Of The Gulf



Press Republican


Press Republican review by Andrew Wyatt

Jam Cruise unforgettable


Jam Cruise 8 Press & Reviews


Jam Cruise 8 Review by Dennis Cook (January, 2010)



Day 1 | A Night with Ohmphrey | Day 2 | Sunrise with Brock | Laurences Big Day | Reality Bites | Ten Favorite Sets (January, 2010)


Jam Cruise 8, A Virgin No More
(January, 2010)






Day 1: Jam Cruise Hits Open Waters | Day 2: Sax Syntax Superheroes and Ohmphrey | Day 3: Postcards from Jamaica | Day 4: Cold Turkey Public Podcast, A New Fantastic 4, and Pretty Lights Til Dawn | Day 5: Funk'n'Formal Fashion Show Sexual Chocolate (January, 2010)


Craft Beer in Paradise - Brews at Sea (January, 2010)


Glide Magazines HIDDEN TRACK begins a new feature "Jam Cruise Files."
The first installment talks to our friend Joel Cummins.


Jam Cruise 7 Press & Reviews


Jam Cruise 7 Review (January, 2009)


Jam Cruise 7 Review (January, 2009)

Jam Cruise 7 Review (January, 2009)

Jam Cruise 7 Review (January, 2009)

Jam Cruise 7, Day by Day (January, 2009)

Jam Cruise 7 Review (January, 2009)


Jam Cruise 6 Press & Reviews


Jam Cruise 6 Review (January, 2008)

Glide Magazine Hidden Track (January, 2008)

Glide Magazine Photo Spread (January, 2008)


Jam Cruise 6 Review (January, 2008)


Jam Cruise 6, Day by Day (January, 2008)


Jam Cruise 5 Press & Reviews

Top 3 From Jam Cruise 5 (January, 2007)

Relix Daily Cruise Coverage (January, 2007)


Music Cruises: Rocking the Waters (August 18, 2006)


Claypool, McGee Rock Jam Cruise (January 26, 2006)


Jam Cruise 4 Press & Reviews


JAM CRUISE 4: The Walrus Is... (January 2006)

Jam Cruise 4 Diary (January 2006) 

Came Dancin' Across the Water...(January 2006)

Jam Cruise Recollections, Photos and Drinking Game

A new crew of jam bands

Islands Magazine Sept./Oct. 2005 - Check it out! (pdf)

Outside Magazine (September 2005)

Pollstar: Jamming The Caribbean (May 16, 2005)

High Times On The High Seas (April/May 2005)


Jam Cruise 3 Press & Reviews


Jam Cruise 3 Day By Day Recount (January 13, 2005) - Sit Right Back & Youll Hear A Tale(2.4.05)

Beatcomber: Float On The New Times (1.13.05) - JAM CRUISE 3: GOOD TIMES ON THE BOAT! (1.19.05)

New York Times (6.17.04)

Paste Magazine (5.26.04)

Glide Magazine (5.06.04


Jam Cruise 1 & 2 Press & Reviews - Mark Karan Interview (2.24.04) - Take a Closer Look at Jam Cruise (2.17.04) - Jam Cruising With David Vann (1.29.04) - Spontaneous Combustion On Jam Cruise (1.29.04) 


Review of Jam Cruise 1 on

ABC News(1.24.04)

USA - Cruisers rock the waters (1.22.04)

Jam Cruise 2004 article on (5.09.03)